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Tech & Intelligence Career Fair Spring 2023

ACM Manoa Hosts Successful UH Manoa Tech & Intelligence Career Fair

The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student club hosted the UH Manoa Tech & Intelligence Career Fair on March 31st, 2023 at the Campus Center Ballroom. The event was the final event of the #HawaiiTechDaysOfSpring and was a resounding success.

What was covered?

Over 30 speakers, including software engineers, company founders, product managers, and cybersecurity experts, shared their insights and experiences in the industry with the attendees. The event began with a brief 15-minute welcome reception followed by a 1-hour 15-minute mixer where the attendees had the opportunity to chat face-to-face with the speakers.

Additionally, there was a special, separate 1-hour breakout session called “The Pros Define 4 Tech Sectors.” One individual from each of four different tech sectors spoke for 15 minutes about what it means to truly work in their position. The breakout concluded with 15 minutes of Q&A and networking.

The event was open to UH students of all majors and campuses and to students of other campuses by special invitation. The location of the event was the University Laboratory School Multipurpose Room.

Overall, “Talk Story with Tech Professionals” was a great opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in technology to connect with professionals, learn about different sectors in the industry, and network with like-minded individuals.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Hope to see you next year!


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